Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy only “ugly” houses?

No, we buy pretty houses also, even luxury homes. Ugly houses we typically completely remodel for resell helping neighborhood values and the community. Bottom line, we can buy just about any type of home in any condition.

What if my home needs extensive repairs?

We buy as is so you don’t have to worry about making any repairs or updates!

What about county violations or tax liens?

Not a problem! We’ve purchased properties in the past and address these issues for you. By disclosing to us up front if your aware of these issues it will greatly simplify and speed up the transaction.

What if I’m in a Foreclosure situation and my house is heading to Sheriff Sale?

It’s important that you contact us right away (using the form at the bottom) so that we can quickly start reviewing your situation. There are special programs available and depending on your criteria you may qualify for more than one.

What do your professional services cost?

There is no charges for our services, quotes are free . We make our money in various ways, either buy remodeling the home and reselling or by it becoming a long term investment, sorta like a bond. You may be responsible for closing fees (via the title company) depending on what program we can utilize in the purchase.

How long does it take to hear from you after I submit the Questionnaire form?

We typically get back with you within 24-48 hours. This gives us time to conduct some prior research on the property to speed things up.

Is it better to call or contact you via your online Seller Questionnaire?

It’s much easier for you to complete the Questionnaire. Being in the real estate business we are rarely in the office because we’re always out looking at homes. By using the Questionnaire were sure to get your pertinent information so we can get to work right away.

What if I know of someone that’s wanting to sell, do you do any referrals?

Yes, there are multiple ways depending on how you bring the lead to us.

Do you work with Wholesalers?

Absolutely. We continually work with other wholesalers and we buy houses companies. Each one of us has our own specialties.

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